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Software overview page including fleet overview, ship analytics, trading & mitigation

Owners and operators must navigate a new landscape of unknown technologies, scarcely available alternative fuels, and emerging regulations. Our software helps you face these challenges and even benefit from them. 

BetterShip is an end-to-end solution for your whole decarbonisation journey. Its modularity allows you to exactly choose the components that serve your individual needs.  

Enabled through extensive industry knowledge, the latest AI-based technology, and strong industry partnerships. 

Ship analytics page including single ship emissions and deep dive parameters like time at sea


Simple but detailed overview of your fleet's current and forecasted emission status including all present decarbonisation regulations (CII, ETS, and FuelEU)


Ship-specific decarbonisation diagnostics tool benchmarking your ship against the industry to put its potential into perspective and providing detailed, decarb-specific metrics to deep dive into root-causes.


Live screen trading of EU allowances with instant execution and no additional broker communication needed. Clear ship-specific overview of compliance status and your responsibility. 


Ship-specific suggestions on the most cost-effective solutions to decarbonise and comply. Creating the best combinations of operational, technical, and alternative fuel options.

Mitigation page showcasing emission reduction solutions and their impact like engine power limitation or virtual arrival

Let's propel your decarbonisation journey!

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